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The Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) is created by virtue of the GRP-MILF Tripoli Agreement on Peace of June 22, 2001. As agreed by both parties, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) through a Central Committee Resolution on June 2, 2002, created the Bangsamoro Development Agency and asked the officers of the Bangsamoro Development Council, a civil society organization to run it. It is mandated to determine, lead and manage relief, rehabilitation and development in the conflict-affected areas in the Mindanao.  

The BDA started with pool of committed Bangsamoro professionals with limited resources. It suffered poor recognition from both local and international partners given the peculiar identity of the agency of neither a government nor non-government organization. Young and atypical, the operation of BDA was hampered further challenged by the effect of the peace process after Boliok masjid bombing in 2003.

However, the challenging period in the history of the GPH-MILF peace process did not stop the later and the BDA to go on sailing and continue the journey for genuine peace in Mindanao. BDA was heavily involved in the conduct of the “Joint Needs Assessment of Conflict Affected Areas in Mindanao” in 2004-2005 with the Government of the Philippines represented by the Office of Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) and The World Bank followed by the launching of Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction and Development Program Phase I in 2006.

Then in 2008, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) came in to work with the agency in the conduct of Socio-economic Reconstruction and Development in the Conflict-Affected Areas in Mindanao (SERD CAAM). From then on, BDA has gradually grow, developed capacity in project management, more partners came in and among others. 


  • To determine, lead, and manage relief, rehabilitation and development in the conflict-affected areas in Mindanao
  • To act as donor and development coordinating unit of the MILF
  • To continue the formulation of the Bangsamoro Development Plan (BDP)


An enlightened, prosperous and self-sustaining Bangsamoro living a just and secured life 


As development manager of the Bangsamoro, BDA is committed to implement a model of development anchored on our core values, geared towards institutional competence and sustainability


  • Strengthened the capacity of the BDA as an organization to effectively perform its mandate
  • Sustained the delivery of relief, rehabilitation and development efforts conducive to the peace process
  • Increased access of marginalized communities to social, economical and environmental programs and services
  • Enhanced synergy among stakeholders in the delivery of relief, rehabilitation and development initiatives in the Bangsamoro
  • Enhanced and strengthened partnerships with domestic and international aid agencies

Guiding Principles

  • BDA gives emphasis to the necessary moral, spiritual and attitudinal changes that must successfully transpire in the personality or character of the Bangsamoro. He must do this change in himself, for if he does not, then nobody else would do it for him.

Core Values









Organizational Structure 

Key Personnel

The Bangsamoro Development agency is run by the dedicated officers, staff and volunteers; nine (9) energetic Board of Directors, one (1) Executive Director, one (1) Deputy Director, six (6) Regional Managers and two (2) provincial managers, five (5) division heads, eight (8) focal persons of the major program thrusts and numbers of staff and volunteers in the central office to regional/provincial offices. The numbers of officers, staff and volunteer is not fixed but it always depends on the demand of the services and programs to be delivered in the institutions and communities. In year 2014 to 2016 the BDA reached the total number of three hundred seventy-one (371) personnel from Central Management Office (CMO) down to Regional/Provincial Management Offices (R/PMOs). 

Strategic Locations in the Bangsamoro Communities 

BDA’s Seventeen Years of Existence (2002 up to the present)

Building the Capacity of the Bangsamoro.

Capacity building has been a major objective of the Bangsamoro since inception. In over the decade, the BDA has been a learning ground for numerous professionals who intended to contribute in Bangsamoro quest for long-lasting peace and at the same time acquiring and enriching their knowledge and skills in various fields of education and expertise. In 2016, BDA recorded over 400 number of staff who worked at the agency and gained professional experience and growth with their respective positions/jobs. This figure corresponds to the increasing number of projects/programs implemented by the agency. However, given that they were hired based on project contract, many of them have left for other job opportunities bringing with them the knowledge and skills acquired from BDA.

Programs and Projects Implemented

With the mandate of leading, managing and determining relief and rehabilitation in the conflict-affected areas in Mindanao, the BDA has been managing various programs and projects with the support and assistance of development partners. For each of these programs and projects, the BDA not only fulfilled its task on promoting socio-economic development for the unserved communities but at the same time develop its capacity on planning and managing projects along with skills on community development, mobilization and organizing, writing reports, documentation, data management and among others.

Project Name


  1. Medical Mission with Tokushukai Corporation


  1. Livelihood Program with GEM and Mantana Foundation


  1. Socio-economic for Reconstruction and Development in Conflict-Affected Areas in Mindanao (SERD-CAAM)



  1. Mindanao Trust Fund- Reconstruction and Development (MTFRDP) Phase 1 with MTF


  1. Tahderiyyah Program with AusAid and UNICEF



  1. Institutional Strengthening Agreement (ISA) 2016 with MTF



  1. Bangsamoro Assistance for Development and Community Empowerment (Bangsamoro ADVANCE) with MTF



  1. Program Partnership Agreement (PPA) Solidarity



  1. Community Development in Conflict-Affected Areas in Mindanao (CD-CAAM) with JICA



  1. Community Empowerment Through Food Sufficiency and Environmental Management (CEFSEM) with UNWFFP



  1. Strengthening Capacities for IDP Protection with UNHCR



  1. Programme for Local Economic Development Through Enlightened Governance and Grassroots Empowerment (PLEDGE) with MTF



  1. TIKAbuhayan with TIKA



  1. Strengthening Capacities for Reproductive Health Service Delivery and Advocacy in the Bangsamoro with UNFPA


  1. Developing development and piloting of socio-economic model for durable solution in transforming Bangsamoro communities into productive economic with UNFAO


  1. Ramadhan and Qurbani Program with Turkey Government


Annually since 2014

  1. Developing and piloting of socio-economic model for durable solution in transforming Bangsamoro communities into productive agro-economic areas with UNFAO


  1. Muslim Blood Donation (MBD)

Quarterly since 2008

  1. Mobile Health Program with TIKA

2017- present

  1. Confidence Building Project-Social Preparation Phase with UNDP and OPAPP


  1. Mindanao Trust Fund- Reconstruction and Development Program Phase II with MTF and AECID

2018 present

  1. Tahderiyyah Expansion with UNICEF, EOJ and IMBPI


Key Accomplishments 

Human Resource Development for Bangsamoro

Part of the continuing journey towards learning and developing capacities of the Bangsamoro, the BDA has been facilitating scholarships for young professionals through the support of various partners. Both in-country and international study grants were made available and gave opportunities for Bangsamoro professionals to pursue and further their education on various fields. This particular program has helped in the development of human resources of the Bangsamoro resulting to mass of professionals who gained better knowledge and skills that enable them to become more productive in advancing the status-quo of the conflict-affected communities. 

Building the Institution of the Bangsamoro

In 2002, the BDA was established as fruit of the peace agreement between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Along with the mandate of relief and rehabilitation in the conflict-affected areas in Mindanao, the BDA is likewise tasked to develop a model of office system and policies that shall guide the anticipated Bangsamoro government.

In undertaking activities geared towards its vision, BDA has been exposed to governance and implementation issues which were intended to build its governance capability.  The agency has to establish administrative, financial, and procurement systems to ensure transparent and systematic utilization of funds given to it.  Human Resource policies were formulated aimed at recruiting qualified young Bangsamoro to expose them to the workings of government. 

Development and Enhancement of Organizational Manual for BDA

As an agency operating in a conflict setting, with the huge task of establishing a system contextualized in Bangsamoro culture, development of organizational manual for BDA is very dynamic that it has to be regularly enhanced and updated to fit in the continuing and numerous changes due to different demands for each program and project coming in.

This quest has even tested the strength and flexibility of the BDA pushing the agency to become more strategic to respond to those loads. To ensure the suitability of the manual on international standards, BDA always submits to external auditing processes as required by partners which helped BDA better improve its policies and system. 

Linking with Local and International Organizations

In 2014, the BDA officially received added mandate from its principal, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF): to act as donor and development coordination unit of the MILF. The pronouncement of this further task for BDA was during the historical turn-over and launching of the Bangsamoro Development Plan (BDP) where a mass of people from international organizations, government and local institutions, the public and the media witnessed the event. This scenario has opened the door for BDA into greater exposure, recognition and appreciation by the numerous organizations and people, which resulted for countless visits, invitations and partnerships to and with BDA. 

Building the Confidence of the Bangsamoro

Over the decade of service in fulfilling the mandate of leading, determining and managing relief and rehabilitation in the CAAM, the BDA has been an expedient mechanism for the quest towards peace and development in the Bangsamoro. Through the numerous programs and projects implemented in various communities, the BDA did not only contribute to the improvement of access to social basic services of the people, moreover that the agency was able to bring the message of hope and build trust and confidence on the gains of the peace process among the masses in the conflict communities. 

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