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BDA Ramadhan Forum kicks off

May 10, 2019. Officials, staff, volunteers and catalysts of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) are once again convened today for the beginning of the series of Ramadhan Forum, a special activity organized during this holy month.

Topic for the day was The Economic and Finance System in Islam: Its Prospect in the BARMM delivered by Sheikh Esmail W. Ebrahim.

According to Hashim Manticayan, activity like this provide opportunity for everyone to increase their knowledge in Islam, meet and greet one another, strengthen brotherhood and sisterhood while seeking together the rewards of Allah (s.w.t). 

After the forum, participants all together joined in breaking the fast with meals provided for the activity. 

Ramadhan Forum and free iftar has been a tradition at the BDA to promote camaraderie and faith among everyone at the agency. 

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