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From conflict, they unite to rise to be a peaceful, productive community

Brgy. Nabalawag in Barira, Maguindanao is among the communities whose experience and a story of conflict are deep in the lives of the people in the place. The barangay is under the Camp Abubakar of the MILF, conquered during the all-out-war in 2002, while the rest is history. 
From this story, the people in Brgy. Nabalawag chose to be united to rise and move on and become a productive and peaceful community.

When a project came to their place, they willingly accepted this development for they knew it will lead towards a better life. 
On August 9, 2019, the community officially received the 1.5 kilometer one-lane concrete road from the Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction and Development Project Phase II (MTFRDP/2), a program partnership signed between BDA and CFSI that aims to improve access of targeted communities in the conflict-affected areas in Mindanao to basic socio-economic infrastructure and alternative learning system.

Officials and representatives from various sectors in the community attended the turnover ceremony.

Brgy. chairman of Nabalawag welcomed all the attendees to their place and expressed thanks for the development project provided to them.

Naga Marindi, president of Nabalawag people’s organization accepted the certificate of turnover confirming the responsibility on the operation, management, and sustainability of the project be to the community organization.

Rhadzni Taalim of BDA lauded the unity and cooperation that everyone exerted that helped in the successful completion of the project. He emphasized that the project is a fruit of the GPH-MILF peace process.

Danny Buenbrazo of the CFSI informed that there will be more development projects coming.

Barira municipal mayor expressed the commitment of support to development initiatives for the community. He specifically highlighted the strong harmony in the community that makes them resilient in overcoming challenges in life to move on from their experience of conflict and worked together for the prevention of violent extremism.

TFCT chairman for Camp Abubakar urged the community to unite further for the development of their place.

Women, elderly, youth and other sectors in the community attended and rejoiced for this successful event. All worked together in the preparation of foods in celebration of this gathering.

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